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Environmental Impact

Conserving and protecting our environment is an important mission for CMT Pumps. Every employee understands the importance of thorough installation of machinery to avoid leakage and spills negatively influencing our environment.

We also support the use of environmentally safe products where possible, and encourage customers to consider the long term positive effects of operating in a eco-friendly manner. Thankfully the improved technology allows industrial institutions to upgrade without compromising effectiveness.


CMT Pumps have well established relations with industry product leaders, which allows for the distribution of the latest technologically advanced products at reasonable, competitive prices. This benefits the customers as well as our environment.


Contributing to the Development of the Community


  • CMT Pumps considers employees as the most valuable asset.
  • Development of employees is an integral part of the company, supporting not only the professional growth of individuals, but also the personal growth and development of its employees.


CMT Pumps strive to grow, and to develop more employment opportunities, searching for employees who want to grow. Once an individual is employed by CMT Pumps, CMT invests not only money, but also time and support to such an individual.




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